Sehenswerte Videos von der Velocity Europe 2013

Nov 18, 2013 10:00:00 AM

Die Performance der Webseiten unserer Kunden, ist ein zentrales Thema des SysEleven-Tagesgeschäfts, daher ist die Velocity Konferenz für uns natürlich ein Pflichttermin. Hier möchten wir euch zwei sehenswerte Videomitschnitte vorstellen:

SLOWING DOWN TO GO FASTER: Responsive Web Design And The Problem Of Agility vs Robustness

The great irony of modern web development is that to make a website as fast as possible requires much more of your time. In an environment where you have to develop swiftly, how do you balance the need of meeting deadlines with the need to get the job done right? Tom Maslen from BBC News will take you through a number of techniques to help you to stay true to the idealisms of web development while also helping you to comprehend and master the increasing complexities of web browser support.

HTTP Archive, BigQuery, and you!

HTTP Archive is a treasure trove of performance data. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could query it with own questions and build custom reports? This demo will show you how to do exactly that, live and from the comfort of your browser, using Google BigQuery!

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